Fresh Faced Newbie

I have always enjoyed the wonders of food from a young age. Every Sunday was spent with ‘The Dragon’, (Nana Carole) making fruit flans and blacmange wearing my Flintstones apron (Yabba Dabba Doo!). Memories of Nana Barbara bringing home fresh crusty rolls from the baker, butter at room temp. and good old cheddar cheese bought together with a dollop of pickle, all washed down with a cup of ‘rosie-lee’. Sadly, after my Grandad passed, this tradition fell by the wayside, but I would move Heaven and Earth to sit at the dining table with him again sharing a ‘cheese butty’ and a ‘pot of tea’. What I’m saying is that for most people, certain foods can evoke special memories and times – that snap shot in time you wish you could relive once more. Food is essential for us but it doesn’t mean that it should be a commodity. Use it to make moments you will cherish forever.

I started my journey as a young apprentice chef at one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the North West of England. I remember feeling so excited and proud the day I tried on the infamous ‘Chef Whites’, which consisted of a crisp white chef jacket, black trousers and black kitchen shoes. However, when I was told I had to wear a vivid, turquoise apron and skull cap, I realised how much I would stand out as a newbie – like a sheep in a lion’s den.

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